I cut my hair and trimmed my beard. I’ll try and convince myself there’s symbolism in it. Recovery is a difficult concept for me to grasp. 

Copeland - Ordinary

Her mouth feels better than your’s; and I hate that I always default to physicality, because she’s also held me when no one else could. And that mouth of her’s has said words that brought me back from the edge while your’s only told me to take more. I’d like to think I’m in a better place, but all I can feel is dissatisfaction. And when I think of your lips, I can only feel dissatisfaction. And when I look at myself, I can’t help but feel dissatisfied; because she’s too good for me and there will never be satisfaction if I keep comparing her to you.

A Great Big Pile Of Leaves - Snack Attack

City and Colour - Hello, I'm In Delaware

Just Nick - Capital

Bright Eyes - Land Locked Blues

salvia palth - i was all over her
I do not feel good, I’ve got the sad sads. All I want to do is fuck you.

Charles Bukowski, from Somebody (via heruin)

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